Perfuming Oils Set (Charming Scents)

Perfuming Oils Set (Charming Scents)

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Revive your senses with a selection of charming scents enriched with safe essential oils. Crafted by our experts in perfumery and aromatherapy, which match every mood and taste.


– Specifically designed to be used with LAZARO Z1 Car Scent Diffuser.


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Charming Scents Oil Set for LAZARO Z1 Car Scent Diffuser (4-Pack, 10ml each)


  • Tropical (10ml)

Scent Notes: Pineapple chunks with peel and sweet coconut milk.

Scent Type: Summery, Sweet, and Dreamy Scent.

Benefits: Reduces stress and boosts your mood.


  • LemonGrass (10ml)

Scent Notes: Organic Indian lemongrass blended with herbal spices of fresh green basil and lemon balm.

Scent Type: Sunny Spring, Citrus, and Unique Scent.

Benefits: Ironically, it can calm down before bed and enhances energy and alertness in the morning.


  • Sweet Mint (10ml)

Scent Notes: An energizing blend of fresh green Moroccan mint leaves, rosemary, and cold-pressed sweet mandarin peels.

Scent Type: Spring, Cool, and Penetrating Scent.

Benefits: It improves brain function by boosting mental focus and memory, and it’s also an effective insect repellent.


  • BlackBerry (10ml)

Scent Notes: Bouquet of the BlackBerries blended with notes of the balsamic sweetness of clove buds.

Scent Type: Autumnal, Candy, and Fruity Scent.

Benefits: Makes a cheerful atmosphere and creates emotional balance.



Why choose LAZARO perfuming essential oils? 

1- All ingredients are subject to the rules of safe use according to the standards of the International Fragrance Association – IFRA.

2- LAZARO offers the widest selection of essential oils to suit all your moods anytime and anywhere.

3- The oils are packed in safe bottles to preserve them from sunlight and increase their shelf life.

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  1. Adel Elnenny

    عاجبني أوي اللي اسمه سويت منت

  2. Samira Sabry

    الاوبع روايح حلوين الصراحة بس اكتر حاجة عاجباني التروبيكال

  3. Lila Cherif

    المرة الجاية هطلب الاربعة lemon grass منعشة جدًا

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