Perfuming Oils Set (Woody Scents)

Perfuming Oils Set (Woody Scents)

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Revive your senses with a selection of woody scents enriched with safe essential oils. Crafted by our experts in perfumery and aromatherapy, which match every mood and taste.


– Specifically designed to be used with LAZARO Z1 Car Scent Diffuser.




Woody Scents Oil Set for LAZARO Z1 Car Scent Diffuser (4-Pack, 10ml each)


  • White Linen (10ml)

Scent Notes: A blend of patchouli, jasmine, mild iris, red tulips, cedarwood, and rose tea.

Benefits: A distinctive scent for a pure and attractive atmosphere.


  • Musk Poudree (10ml)

Scent Notes: A blend of almond and vanilla notes with a touch of chestnut musk, unique tonka beans, and fragrant wild jasmine roses.

Benefits: A deep, sensual perfume with a unique appeal that has a noticeable fizz and affects the atmosphere in a specific and distinct way.


  • Herbal Wood Vanilla (10ml)

Scent Notes: White vanilla and Indian cedarwood notes combine simple aromatic flows of liquid sugar, a touch of amber, and patchouli flower.

Benefits: A charming scent from the first moment that takes you to a different world.


  • Fresh Indian Toot (10ml)

Scent Notes: A mixture of wild berries with pepper blended with notes of black grapes, stunning peonies, rose scents, and unique mountain honey.

Benefits:  Its refreshing scent gives an atmosphere rich in energy and optimism



Why choose LAZARO perfuming essential oils? 

1- All ingredients are subject to the rules of safe use according to the standards of the International Fragrance Association – IFRA.

2- LAZARO offers the widest selection of essential oils to suit all your moods anytime and anywhere.

3- The oils are packed in safe bottles to preserve them from sunlight and increase their shelf life.


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