Z1 Car Scent Diffuser (Black/Silver)

Z1 Car Scent Diffuser (Black/Silver)

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Add an elegant touch to your car and let your imagination run wild with a range of charming scents rich in essential oils that harmonize your feelings.

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When elegant design meets breathtaking scent..

LAZARO Z1 Rechargeable Car Scent Diffuser – a luxurious device that adopts the latest cold spray technology, without heat or water. It directly atomizes the oils to maximize the benefits of natural essential oils. Powered by the built-in 2000mAh lithium battery or USB, it can be used a long time efficiently, anytime and anywhere. In addition to switching between different timer settings with one click, it also comes with a 10ml essential oil bottle.



Multiple options for more control
3 Timer Settings
1hr, 2hr, 4hr
3 Modes
15s, 60s, 120s




HEIGHT 137mm  WIDTH 70mm

Model: Z1
Net weight: 312g
Power supply: DC5V-1A
Oil capacity: 10ml
Power: 2W
Coverage: Up to 100m³
Packing size: 14*14*19 cm
Charging time: 5-6 hours
Working time after a full charge: Up to 10 hours continuously
Evaporation rate: 0.3 – 0.6 ml/hour



What’s in the box?

– Z1 car scent diffuser
– Type-C fast charging cable
– 3 Marvelous scent samples
– 10ml essential oil bottle
– Oil dropper
– User manual
(Remember to read before using!)

12 reviews for Z1 Car Scent Diffuser (Black/Silver)

  1. عادل أبو بكر

    الله يسامحكم.. بقيت بحب أقعد جوا العربية كتييير 😂😂

  2. أحمد معتوق

    ماحسيتش اني راكب مرسيدس غير بعد ما حطيت فيها الجهاز ده.. تحياتي 👍👍

  3. Carole Khoury

    Très chic 😍
    j’aime bien l’appareil 🥰

  4. Haidy Kosba

    فعلًا كان ناقص العربية حاجة زي كده
    مغير مودي جدًا 🤩🤩

  5. حسن الاباصيري

    كنت متردد اني اشتري الجهاز بس الصراحة يستاهل تمنه 👍

  6. Nahed Nashaat

    م الآخر 🤩

  7. Hady Mikhael

    الجاز جميل في منه للمساحات الكبيرة؟

  8. Amira Abdul Hady

    و الله الجهاز تحفة 😻

  9. [email protected]

    فكرته رائعة و السويت منت ده جميل

  10. رامي رشاد

    شيك أوي و عاطي جو للعربية 🚙

  11. Houdaila choukri

    تاني جهاز اشتريه منكم 😻

  12. Mohannad Kordy

    Classy package, elegant device, Outstanding scents 🤙

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