Refund & Exchange Policy

A flexible shopping experience

If, for any reason, you desire to exchange or return your product, LAZARO welcomes returns for a full refund as long as the packaging is unopened and if the Terms of Refund & Exchange are met. The return should be made within 14 days of the receipt’s delivery date. In the event of a manufacturing defect, the period may be extended to 30 days.


Terms of Refund & Exchange 🔽

• The product must be returned unopened and in the same condition as when it was received to get a full refund, minus shipping expenses.

The Refund & Exchange guarantee is valid for 14 days following the date on the purchase receipt.

The 30-Day Refund & Exchange guarantee only applies to manufacturing defects, not external damage, carelessness, or misuse.

All product accessories must be intact and complete inside the box (Instruction Manual – Accessories – Invoice).

Only use LAZARO essential oils; other oils may contain fragrances, base oils, or synthetics, which may cause malfunction. As a result, no exchange or refund is available if it is proven that the device was damaged due to using another essential oil.

After 14 days of receiving the order, the customer is only eligible for the Repair guarantee during the warranty period.


Point of Clarification 🔽

• When seeking a refund or exchange, the customer is in charge of paying the shipping costs as well as returning the product to us in its original state.

The customer shall bear the costs of (maintenance – shipping) within 14 days from the date on the purchase receipt in the following cases:   

   1- Negligence or misuse.   

   2- Submerging the appliance in water.

   3- Defects brought on by illegal attempts to fix the appliance.

   4- Using oils other than LAZARO essential oils.

   5- Not emptying the oil bottle completely before delivering it to the courier.

In the event of a manufacturing defect, we are only liable for the cost of shipping to or from you.

After we receive and inspect the product and the refund is approved by the Repairs department, we aim to refund you within 14 days.

The Refund & Exchange guarantee does not apply to essential oils.


Refund & Exchange Request Steps 🔽

1- You can reach our customer care team by phone, chat, or email at [email protected] to make a Refund & Exchange request.

2- We will reach out to you to confirm the delivery date with the shipping company.

3- The returned products will be handed to the Repairs department for inspection and a status report, as well as to determine the correct action.

4- If the return or replacement request is accepted, the customer will be called by a customer care agent to select the method of refunding the amount:

    – For online payment, the amount must be transferred to the same account that it was made from.

    – For cash payments and cash on delivery,  the acceptable forms of payment are bank transfers, Vodafone Cash, and cash from headquarters.


Required Information:

For a return through the bank: (Full name – Account number – Bank name – Branch name – SWIFT Code.)

For a return through Vodafone Cash (mobile number and name).


Note: If the request is rejected because the Terms of Refund & Exchange are not met, the customer will be informed of the need for repair, and the repaired item will be shipped to him again.



*Terms and conditions apply.