Unique Perfumes By Lazaro Scent

Unique Perfumes By Lazaro Scent

admin Jan 01, 2022

Lazaro, has launched a new line of fragrances that is dedicated to the Middle East and North Africa regions. Four signature fragrances that intertwine certain memories and flashes of the Andalusian period, each a different scent to satisfy the diverse preferences of its users and that will no question add value, sense, and taste to their lives.





Is an oriental perfume with hints of berries, orange, and vanilla mixed with amber and woody sandal, creating a perfectly mesmerizing scent. It is a unisex scent, suitable for a long day out as it is known to be long-lasting.



The Lunar is more of a citrusy perfume, with traces of orange and bergamot to complement its floral scents, not to mention its woody cedar bas



The name itself is an indication of how extremely Eastern and mesmerizing it is. Its woody fragrance is a result of mixing both white Oud and musk


his scent is the softest and feminine among the line. With rosewood, patchouli, and basil elements this scent exudes only charm and magnificence.

Con Clase

Aromatic and spicy woody fragrance for men. It is characterized by its strong and persistent ingredients. Con Clase quite a luxurious and elegant fragrance . Best for cold weather. Strong projection and performance .Can be worn in the office

Top notes: bergamot, grapefruit, and spices. Heart notes: ginger, freesia, amber.

Base notes: woody notes, benzoin, and vetiver.



with its pure ingredients, characterized by high stability and boldness.

Top notes: cinnamon, cardamom.

Heart notes: saffron, jasmine.

Base notes: Tobacco, Amber, and Vanilla.


perfume is enchanting, with its strong ingredients that captivate your senses.

Top notes: cinnamon, honey.

Heart notes: jasmine, cinnamon, rosewood.

Base notes: Amber, Vanilla, and Musk

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